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NC Second Chance Alliance

Teaching "The New Jim Crow" (Teaching Tolerance, April 2018)
What If we Ended the Injustice of Bail (Video) (TED Talk, April 2018)

We Have Rights!

Proposed New Jury Selection Rules (Washington)
Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Implicit Age and Race Bias

NACDL's Presidential Summit & Seminar: "Race Matters: The Impact of Race on Criminal Justice" 

A resource guide for understanding white supremacy (SCALAWAG, November 2017)

Video: Atlantic Forum Looks at Race and Justice in Charlotte (The Atlantic, October 17, 2017)

As Jeff Sessions Guts Federal Oversight of Policing, It Opens the Door for Long-Needed Local Oversight (ACLU, September 28, 2017)

Testing for Racial Bias in Searches of Motor Vehicles (Stanford University, July 2017)

The Stanford Open Policing Project (June 2017)

Equal Justice Initiative: Videos

There was no wave of compassion when addicts were hooked on crack

The Policing Of Black Bodies: Racial Profiling For Profit And The Killing Of Ferguson's Mike Brown (Fusion TV, June 2017)

Policing Color: Black, Brown, and Blue (Duke Law, March 2017)

Reconciliation Brief (Trust and Justice, December 2016)

Panel Discussion: Film Screening of 13th (Stone Center @ UNC Chapel Hill, January 18, 2017)

How Do We Deal with Race in the Criminal Justice System (Webinar with Jeff Robinson, Vimeo)

NC PDCORE Statement on Keith Lamont Scott (September 27, 2016)

Policing, Race and Community | From Conversations to Solutions (Town of Chapel Hill, October 18, 2016)

Terror Lynching in America (Equal Justice Initiative, October 11, 2016)

LEADing a New Direction, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (NC Harm Reduction, October 2016)

James Williams, Public Defender for Orange and Chatham Counties, Discusses Implicit Bias,
Racial Disparity in Policing, and What Can Be Done About It (NC Policy Watch, July 18, 2016)

Michelle Alexander on The New Jim Crow, at Union Theological Seminar (March 4, 2015)

Campaign Zero

Black-on-Black Crime Derails The Black Lives Matter Movement (The Root, September 2016) 

Hidden Injustice: Toward a Better Defense (ABA Legal News Network, July 2016)

Drug Court v LEAD: What is the Difference? (The Huffington Post, July 14, 2016)

Building Momentum From The Ground Up: A Toolkit For Promoting Justice in Policing (The Center for Popular Democracy, April 2016)

Reentry and the Road Home: A conversation with Attorney General Lynch, Secretary Perez, Secretary Castro, and Secretary King (Center for American Progress June 2016)

National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts (2016 Town Hall Meeting)

Injustice in the jury box (CDPL Video, 2016)

New Annie E. Casey Foundation report recommends policies to help millions of children with incarcerated parents (NC CHILD, April 25, 2016)

Playlist (9 talks): Talks to help you understand racism in America (TED, April 2016)

A prosecutor's vision for a better justice system (TED, February 2016)

Innocent Until Proven Poor - Event Schedules and Videos (Michigan Journal of Race & Law)

American Justice Summit 2016  

Implicit Bias: Is it Hopeless? (UNC School of Government)

Open Data Policing NC

Race-Based Police Stops in NC: Experts Explore the Data, Prospects for Change (NC Policy Watch, November 23, 2015)

Video from The Marshall Project's panel on Criminal Justice Reform at the White House (October 22, 2015)

How I learned to stop worrying and love discussing race: Jay Smooth @ TEDxHampshire College

Criminal Justice Standards for the Prosecution Function (ABA)
Improper Bias Prohibited, See Standard 3-1.6

Criminal Justice Standards for the Defense Function (ABA)
Improper Bias Prohibited, See Standard 4-1.6     

Sherrilyn Ifill Among Panelists Discussing Law Enforcement and Communities of Color at W.K. Kellogg Foundation's America Healing Conference (NAACP, May 7, 2015)

Police Violence in the Wake of Ferguson and Staten Island (Vimeo, January 23, 2015)

Ferguson and Staten Island: In case anyone doubted the public needs defending...
(Jonathan Rapping, December 10, 2014)

Implicit Bias in the Courtroom Video

When white friends don't believe what blacks go through, they're not friends (Washington Post, September 9, 2014)

NACDL: Eliminating Racial & Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice System,
Conference Webcast (December 2013)

Wisconsin State Public Defender Racial Disparity Practice Group:

Excessive Force by Durham PD (Southern Coalition for Social Justice, June 12, 2014)

The School to Prison Pipeline: From Perceptions to Solutions (UNC Webcast, June 3, 2014)

Zimmerman Trial Discussion Points

Building Community Trust: Improving Cross-Cultural Communication in the Criminal Justice System (American Bar Association Tool)

Videos on Implicit Bias (American Bar Association)

Reducing Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System: A Manual for Practitioners and Policymakers (The Sentencing Project 2008 Report)

African Americans Excluded from Capital Case Juries in NC (Video)

Understanding Race in the Criminal Justice System (Video from the Community Oriented Defender (COD) Network and the American Council of Chief Defender (ACCD) 2008 Conference on Public Defense: Leading the Way to Racial Justice)

New Frontiers in Race and Criminal Justice (New York University Law School 2012 Conference)

The Era of Mass Incarceration (American Constitution Society for Law & Policy June 2013) (Video)

Implicit Association Test
       State of Science: Implicit Bias Review 2014 (Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race &

Bryan Stevenson: We Need to Talk About an Injustice (TED Talk)

C-CAT (Collateral Consequences Assessment Tool)