The North Carolina Public Defender Committee on Racial Equity (NC PDCORE) was formed in 2011 as a sub-group of chief and assistant public defenders and other Indigent Defense System (IDS) employees throughout North Carolina who are interested in meeting, discussing, and strategizing about racial replicas de relojes de lujo suizos equity issues in the criminal justice system in North Carolina.

The mission of NC PDCORE is to reduce and ultimately eliminate racial disparity in the criminal justice system through education, collaboration, and litigation.

The goals and objectives of NC PDCORE are:

  • to initiate¬†an ongoing dialogue within the defender community regarding race and justice;
  • to facilitate¬†alliances and collaborations with criminal justice stakeholders and organizations within our districts on issues of race and justice;
  • to ensure that addressing racial inequities is a priority within our offices and within the defender community and IDS;
  • to encourage our defenders to offer culturally competent services by working harder to understand our clients’ backgrounds, communities, and lives;
  • to encourage defenders to litigate issues of race more frequently;
  • to collect and track data and anecdotal evidence to assist in our objectives;
  • to encourage the School of Government, IDS, local bar associations, and other legal training agencies to include combating racial inequities as part of their legal education programs; and
  • to assist the School of Government in the development of a race litigation manual by encouraging our members to contribute motions, strategies, and sweat equity.

The North Carolina Public Defender Committee on Racial Equity (NC PDCORE)
The Founding of the Committee, its Mission, and its Work Since 2011
NC Advocates for Justice, Trial Briefs Article by Caitlin Fenhagen, April 2015